Primary 5

Primary 5

Critical Year Ahead of the PSLE

Critical Year Ahead of the PSLE

Focus on clarifying doubts, consolidating what's been learnt and sharpening the focus on personal goals and exam skills.

This year is about helping your child to pace himself or herself whilst empowering him or her to master key examination components.



Focus on clarifying doubts, consolidating what's been learnt and sharpening the focus on personal goals and exam skills.

This year is about helping your child to pace himself or herself whilst empowering him or her to master key examination components.



Programme Outlines




Lesson Duration: 2 hrs
Class size: 10 - 12 students



Your child will begin systematic preparation for the PSLE with equal emphasis on developing communication skills and learning examination techniques.


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Content and Language Mastery

Learn advanced grammar rules and thematic vocabulary that will help them to build a strong foundation in the language. These include:

  • Sensorial verbs
  • Transformation of words in sentences
  • Direct to reported speech and vice versa


Skills and Techniques

Students refine their skills in the following key areas:


  • Students will reinforce their communication and interview skills through DSA preparation classes and public speaking platforms such as debates. They will learn how to engage with the audience and present their arguments in a convincing and coherent manner

Reading and writing

  • Students will learn how to write an engaging story with a clear structure and thoughtful use of writing techniques
  • Learn to plan stories in a sequential and logical manner as well as identify logic gaps
  • Practise creating story ideas that relate directly to the theme and visuals
  • Students will also refine their use of writing techniques such as flashback, foreshadowing, twist and hook
  • Students will also be trained in situational writing and learn how to write different text types such as emails, letters and reports
  • Employ the WISE method (Writing= Ideas +Structure + Expression)

Read more about TLL’s WISE method and systematic approach to honing writing skills here.

Metacognitive Skills

Students will hone their metacognitive abilities and develop skills that will help them evaluate their own work.

These include:

  • Error analysis
  • Answer precision
  • The ability to identify logic gaps
  • The ability to answer inferential questions
  • Analysis of assessment rubrics


Contextualised Learning

Students will be introduced to a wide variety of themes that will help them to link classroom learning to events, people, places and cultures in the real world.

Key themes include:

  • Politics and economics
  • Sport and entertainment
  • Arts and culture

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Lesson Duration: 2 hrs
Class size: 10 - 12 students



The Primary 5 Math curriculum equips students with a strong foundation of key topics tested at PSLE.


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Content Mastery

  • Students will master new topics such as Percentage, Ratio, Area of Triangles, Rates, Average and Volume
  • Students will learn how to solve word problems involving a combination of topics such as Percentage, Ratio and Fractions
  • Students will learn to solve word problems involving concepts such as Part-whole Relationship, Units & Parts, Working Backwards, Constant Difference, Redistribution and Repeated Identity
  • Students will be exposed to new question trends involving logical reasoning and real-world applied learning

Skills and Techniques

  • Students will apply heuristics such as Unitary method, Advanced Model Drawing, Supposition and Forming Equations to solve word problems
  • Students will construct geometrical shapes i.e., triangles and quadrilaterals on square grids
  • Students will learn to use a calculator to solve questions for Paper 2

Applied Learning

  • Students will explore and hone their logical reasoning skills through relating and reasoning numerical data given in a problem situation
  • Students will reinforce new concepts learnt through class activities and games such as Ratio Tug-of-War which requires students to match equivalent ratios
  • Students will appreciate the real-life application of Math through class activities and problems in real world context such as relating baking proportions to Ratio

Download our programme brochure for the full curriculum details.



Lesson Duration: 2 hrs
Class size: 10 - 12 students




Our Primary 5 Science programme is designed to help your child build a strong foundation in Primary 5 Science topics and to reinforce scientific knowledge and skills acquired in Primary 3 and 4.

Through this programme, your child will be able to integrate his or her understanding of various topics and build a more sophisticated approach to answering PSLE format questions with confidence and accuracy.

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Content Mastery

  • Students will be introduced to new topics such as Electrical System, Air and Living Things, Water and Changes of State and Reproduction in Plants
  • Students will revise the topics covered in Primary 3 and 4 at greater depth and learn how to apply the concepts to questions of higher order thinking

Skills and Techniques

  • Students will be closely guided on how to use appropriate scientific keywords and answering techniques to construct answers in specific context of different open-ended/free response questions
  • Students will learn to adopt a systematic approach to question analysis and build confidence in tackling unfamiliar application questions
  • Students will recognise the purpose of a control set-up and construct an appropriate control set-up for a given experiment
  • Students will learn how to design fair experiments and explain how a controlled variable or a specific experimental procedure ensures a fair test
  • Students will gain more exposure to questions that require them to interpret data presented in various formats (e.g. tables, graphs, charts and diagrams) to infer relationships, draw conclusions, or explain findings related to P5 topics

Applied Learning

  • Students will conduct hands-on activities (e.g. construct series and parallel electric circuits) to hone practical skills and observe scientific concepts in action
  • Students will gain a deeper understanding of abstract concepts (e.g. factors affecting evaporation and condensation) through in-class demonstrations/ experiment videos
  • Students will be exposed to application questions which require them to make connections between their conceptual knowledge and real-world contexts

Download our programme brochure for the full curriculum details.

Parent & Student Stories


“Teachers are cheerful and kind-hearted, and shower her with lots of encouragement."



"Valerie really enjoys her lessons at The Learning Lab! She always shares with me that her teachers are cheerful and kind-hearted, and shower her with lots of encouragement. In addition to the nurturing environment, I am also extremely satisfied with the curriculum here.

In English classes, Valerie is taught specific writing techniques and introduced to model compositions, which enable her to digest and understand concepts more readily.

Her composition has since improved from 58% to 95%, in a short span of half a year! Presentations conducted termly also offer Valerie a valuable edge in honing her public speaking skills.

As a parent, I am heartened to know that my child is in good hands and am confident that she will be able to excel academically and beyond."


Parent of P3 student, Enrolled in English


“Finding the world beyond the classroom.”



"Recalling the lessons I’ve had in Paris 1 or New York 5, the most valuable one I gained was the sense that the world is my oyster.

I took English from P4 to S4, and the fondest moments have been those where my teachers and I discussed the many happenings outside of the classroom.

Be it my teacher’s fondness for architectural marvels across the world as a window shedding light on the ebbs and flows of the global economy, or her entertaining stories of her childhood encouraging reflection on our own educations, I have learnt much more than just English itself.

I am privileged to feel like I can now feel the pulse of this vast world, becoming an active participant in it, and in large part I have because TLL encouraged me to find this world beyond the classroom."


TLL student from 2004 -2010




Frequently Asked Questions About Primary 5 Tuition

Can you provide more information about the qualifications and experience of the teachers handling the Primary 5 tuition classes?

At The Learning Lab, our Primary 5 tuition is conducted by a team of highly qualified graduates who come from a range of backgrounds and disciplines. Each teacher possesses specialised knowledge in their respective fields, enabling them to conduct English language classes, Maths classes, and Science classes effectively. 

TLL also provides multifaceted training for all new teachers enrolled with us, which covers pedagogy, classroom management and delivery, relationship building, and other key competencies to support their teaching journey. Each teacher undergoes over 200 hours of in-house training. As a result, our teachers are not just subject experts but also passionate educators committed to and invested in nurturing each child’s academic and personal growth.

How are Primary 5 tuition lessons structured to cover both curriculum requirements and examspecific skills for the PSLE?

Our lessons in the Primary 5 tuition and enrichment programme are meticulously structured to balance both MOE curriculum requirements and essential exam skills for the PSLE. We cover key topics across the core topics of English, Mathematics, and Science, ensuring that your child receives thorough coverage that supports and enriches their in-school learning.

We also place a strong emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving, and exam-answering skills, as we recognise that these will go a long way to helping students excel in the PSLE. As such, our tuition classes include a blend of content knowledge and exam preparation strategies, with regular practice sessions and mock exams to boost the latter and nurture your child’s confidence in their PSLE readiness.

How does The Learning Lab handle students with different learning paces and individual strengths and weaknesses?

The Learning Lab curriculum is purposefully designed to meet the needs of individual students, allowing them to reach unique milestones catered to their own learning pace and individual strengths or weaknesses. We understand that students enter our Primary 5 enrichment programmes with different need levels or intended learning outcomes, and our educators strive to help each student meet their own goals. This might mean providing more challenging materials for advanced learners or offering additional support for those who need it. Regular assessments also help us monitor each student’s progress so we can adjust our teaching strategies accordingly.

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