F O R   E X I S T I N G   &  N E W   S 1   S T U D E N T S

Tackle the Secondary 1 Challenge with Ease

Building your child’s foundation at Secondary 1 is crucial to ensuring confidence and
success in the lead-up to the O-Levels.




F O R   E X I S I T I N G   &   N E W   S 1   S T U D E N T S

Tackle the Secondary 1 Challenge with Ease

Building your child’s foundation at Secondary 1 is crucial to ensuring confidence and success in the lead-up to the O-Levels.


Put Your Knowledge to the Test

Download our Secondary 1 Challenge Kit today, featuring a set of tough Secondary 1 English, Maths and Science questions that your child will encounter this year. (Don’t worry, we’ll be there to guide your child through question analysis and show him or her the specific techniques to apply.)

So the question is, will your child accept the challenge?







New Level, New Challenges 


Not only do subjects dive into further detail, but they also expose your child to new techniques, in-depth knowledge, and exam components.

Close your child’s learning gaps with our classes.


A Look at Our Secondary 1 Curriculum

A firm foundation at Secondary 1 is the first step to secondary school and O-Level excellence later.

Our Secondary English, Maths and Science programmes use structured, skills-based lessons to ensure a steady progression while helping students develop both fundamental and higher-order skills. 

Here’s a look at what your child will learn in class: 




Lesson Duration: 2 hrs
Class size: 10 - 12 students



In the first year of secondary school, your child will be exposed to a wide range of reading and writing tasks which stretch their abilities beyond primary school.


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Content and Language Mastery

Students will learn about new requirements for components they have seen before in primary school. These include:

  • Essay writing
  • Situational writing
  • Comprehension
  • Editing
  • Orals

Students will also be exposed to the question requirements and formats for these components which they will encounter for the first time at secondary school:

  • Summary writing
  • Literary analysis of unseen poetry and prose

Comprehension, summary and critical thinking passages cover a wide range of general knowledge topics and current affairs to help students develop a global perspective.

These topics include:

  • Education and the environment
  • Global issues and social trends
  • Arts and the humanities



Skills and Techniques

Through our weekly lessons, students will refine their reading and writing skills that will lead them on the path to academic excellence.

These include:

  • Building writing skills by learning how to express their thoughts and opinions in an organised and fluent manner
  • Honing comprehension skills by learning how to identify question types and understand their specific requirements
  • Developing summary skills by learning how to source relevant information within a text and summarising content in a coherent manner

Students will also be trained in time management through practice tests, and be given the opportunity to sharpen their skills through workshop-style lessons.

Download our programme brochure for the full curriculum details.



Lesson Duration: 2 hrs
Class size: 10 - 12 students



Focus on building an interest in more abstract mathematical concepts through a variety of investigative activities and lesson plans.


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Content Mastery

  • Learn about the classification of numbers based on number properties, and find the highest common factor and lowest common multiple of numbers using prime factorisation
  • Explore the concept of variables and learn how the relationship between two variables can be represented in algebraic and graphical forms
  • Be exposed to real-world context questions involving delivery charges, water consumption, the use of solar panels and see how these real-world scenarios involve mathematics
  • Learn terminologies related to personal and household finance, such as interests, instalments, utilities bills, and exchange rates

Skills and Techniques

  • Learn to use algebra and other symbols to represent and convey mathematical ideas
  • Master the application of algebraic equations to a variety of problems, and solve problems using a systematic and logical approach
  • Acquire appropriate presentation skills to better demonstrate clear and accurate thought processes as part of the solution

Download our programme brochure for the full curriculum details.



Lesson Duration: 2 hrs
Class size: 10 - 12 students


Our Secondary 1 Science programme is designed to help your child transition from Primary Science to Lower Secondary Science.

Our programme will reinforce and deepen the scientific knowledge and skills your child acquired in Primary Science, as well as help your child build a strong foundation in new Lower Secondary Science topics.

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Content Mastery

  • Students will be introduced to General Science topics, such as Laboratory Skills, as well as Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics, such as Cell Structure and Organisation, Exploring Diversity of Matter by Its Chemical Composition and Exploring Diversity of Matter by Its Physical Properties

Skills and Techniques

  • Students will develop answering techniques involving data analysis, experiment-based questions and application questions
  • Students will practise experimental skills, such as identifying variables and writing experiment procedure

School-Specific Classes

In addition to our Secondary 1 Science thematic programme, we also offer school specific science classes for the following schools:

  • Raffles Institution
  • Raffles Girls’ School
  • Hwa Chong Institution
  • Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
  • Singapore Chinese Girls' School
  • Nanyang Girls’ High School

Download our programme brochure for the full curriculum details.





"Without my teachers, I would never dare to dream of where I am today."

TLL Alumnus (P4 to JC2)



"A determined and kind teacher who never gave up on her students, Ms Shu truly inspired me and all my classmates to work harder and never give up. Without any expectation of recognition, Ms Shu has been our light when we were shrouded in darkness.

I can confidently say that Ms Shu is definitely the best teacher that I have ever met, and I believe that most of my success can be credited to her and TLL.

Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to TLL and my teachers for never giving up on me. Without them, I would never dare to dream of where I am today, and I would never have achieved the results I have today."




Frequently Asked Questions About Secondary 1 Tuition

How does The Learning Lab ensure that Secondary 1 students are well-prepared for O-Levels in the future?

The Learning Lab's approach to Secondary 1 tuition is strategically designed to lay a strong foundation for O-Level preparation (or the IP and IB equivalents). We align our curriculum with the Singapore Ministry of Education’s O-Level requirements, ensuring that Secondary 1 students are gradually and effectively introduced to the concepts and skills required for their English, Math, and Science examinations.

Our method involves a blend of conceptual learning, practical application, and skill development, which is crucial in addressing the transition to higher academic levels including TLL’s O-Level tuition classes and JC tuition programmes. To alleviate concerns about this transition, we emphasise critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills from an early stage, thus assuring our programme’s alignment with students’ future academic goals in JC and beyond.

How does The Learning Lab tailor its Secondary 1 tuition curriculum to meet the individual needs of students?

Rather than a one-size-fits-all strategy, TLL strives to provide customised support to encourage your child’s academic excellence in their formative years. Understanding that every student has unique learning needs, The Learning Lab offers a personalised approach in our Sec 1 tuition programmes across the subjects of English, Maths, and Science. We assess each student’s strengths and areas for improvement, enabling our educators to provide additional attention or resources to weaker students who need extra support. This allows us to tailor our instruction and materials to suit individual learning styles and pace. 

What is the process for enrolling a student in the Secondary 1 tuition programme, and are there any assessments or consultations involved?

Enrolling a student in The Learning Lab’s Secondary 1 tuition programme is a straightforward process designed to be as user-friendly as possible! Simply fill up and submit our contact form or click on the REGISTER NOW button in the sidebar. Our team will get back to you within three working days to proceed with and complete the enrolment process. No placement assessments are conducted for new students, although you may be asked questions to allow us to better understand your child’s current academic understandings, future academic goals, and any support needs.