Score a Distinction in Parenting


At The Learning Lab, we empower your child with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to take charge of their own learning. And that gives you more time to perform the most important role in their life — that of their parent.

Because there are some lessons in life only a parent can teach.
We’ll help you make time for those.






Score A Distinction in Parenting
Score A Distinction in Parenting
Score A Distinction in Parenting
Score A Distinction in Parenting
Score A Distinction in Parenting
Score A Distinction in Parenting



What We Offer Your Child at
The Learning Lab

Dedicated Experts

We have a team of teachers & curriculum experts to help them excel in school, and you to help them excel in life.

The Best Environment

We’ve built 8 centres with 200 classrooms, so your home doesn’t need to be one of them.

Undivided Attention

With small class sizes they get the attention they need during lessons, while they get all of yours at home.




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We have been looking forward to welcoming your child back at our centres, and it is vital that we do this in a safe and measured way.



Ask Us About Our Programmes

Find out exactly what your child will be learning in our classes. 

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Terms & Conditions

1.       This promotion is only valid for TLL’s regular and TLL Online programmes, which refer to termly classes for English, Maths and Science, for Nursery 2 to Junior College 2 levels. Enrolment of programmes is done on a termly basis, and midterm withdrawals are not allowed.

2.       This promotion is valid from 1 February 2023 to 31 December 2023.

3.       Students cannot be registered for a Lesson Experience in a specific subject more than once in a year.

4.       This promotion cannot be stacked with other ongoing promotions.

5.       Payment of Lesson Experience must be made upon confirmation of the Lesson Experience allocation by a TLL enrolment consultant.

6.       Payment for the term must be made within 3 days of the Lesson Experience to enjoy enrolment incentives.

7.       The Learning Lab reserves all rights to make changes to any of their programmes and promotions, and may, at its discretion, amend timings, availability, venues, content and teachers according to programme priorities and client needs.

8.       The Learning Lab reserves all rights to make any amendments to the above Terms and Conditions without prior notice and will not be held liable for any damages that may incur from these amendments.